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The Great Kindness Challenge

بەرەنگارى میهرەبانیى مەزن
کۆمپانیاى هاسپرۆ لەو دەستپێشخەریە بەشدارى دەکات
فێرکردنى منداڵەکانت کە میهرەبان بن یەکێکە لە کارە هەرە بەرپرسیاریەتیەکان کە دایک و باوک یان پارێزەر بتوانێت بیکات. رێکخراوى خێرخوازى جیهانى منداڵان بۆ ئاشتى (Kids for Peace) هەوڵدەدات لە رێگاى بەرەنگارى میهرەبانیی مەزن هاوکارى ئەو دەستپێشخەریە بکات- چاپى خێزان (Family Edition) کە دەرفەتى

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Coco inspires kids to play music

Popular film has own line of guitars
The Disney/Pixar film, Coco, is sending a positive message to kids wanting to learn to play music. In the film, aspiring musician Miguel — confronted with his family’s ancestral ban on music — enters the Land of the Dead to find his great-great-grandfather, a legendary

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WATCH: Insanely Talented Kids

This compilation video can help spread the importance of art education
Let’s face it! Kids are pretty talented! Whether it’s music, dance, sports or some combination thereof, kids are savvy throughout all forms of art. They may not realize how healthy and educational their experiences are, but they’re enjoying themselves and

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Four Sports Benefits for Children

چوار سوودى وەرزش بۆ منداڵان
بەشداریکردنى منداڵان لە وەرزشکردن چەندەها سوودى هەیە. لەگەڵ ئەوەشدا، ئێمە باسى چوارخالى سەرەکى دەکەین بۆ گشت منداڵێک و چۆن دایک و باوک یارمەتى منداڵەکانیان دەدەن لەگەڵ هەریەکەیان.
خۆبەگەورە زانین
دەکرێ زۆربەى منداڵان دەکرێ خۆویست بن بە هەڵوێستى “رێگام یان رێگاى خێرا”. هەروەها، وەرزش یارمەتى منداڵان دەدات بە لەدەستدانى

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Dancing is a cultural phenomenon

Dancing has many physical, social and psychological benefits
People from all ages and cultures dance! It’s just a force of nature and can’t be prevented. It’s super important to let kids dance as benefits come in physical, social and psychological form including increased heart health, muscular strength and others. Kids can also

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Arts Education Empowers Learning

Arts education helps with problem solving as one as to think outside of the box
Arts is a very powerful medium. Many may not realize how arts education empowers learning in general. Whether it be science, math, engineering, architecture, geography, philosophy, etc., the arts has a huge impact on every subject.

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