TV Overload

Many parents these days are overloaded with their chores at home as well as their professional responsibilities. Often, it is easier to plunk your child in front of the television rather than taking the time to play with him or her. The television tactic usually keeps your child happy and most importantly quiet – in fact just sedated enough to help you get things done around the house!

Even though this may seem like an easy panacea to keep a child settle down, this tactic is definitely not the most favorable for your child’s development. So, what options do you have for keeping your child occupied yet still allowing a busy parent like yourself to get things done around the house?

1) Chore time: Involve your child in your chores, or at least a watered down version of it. This will help you and your child spend more time together while giving a good ego boost because he or she was able to help you out!
2) Imaginary play: Have your child play dress up or role play to keep him or her active and entertained.
3) Creativity: Give your child an arts and craft project such as making a birthday card for an upcoming birthday.
4) Physical activity: Let your child engage in some physical activity in a specially designated room that will allow you ample space to carry out your own chores.

There is indeed life without television as our own grandparents and great-grandparents can attest. Many of them actually grew up without a television – before it was even made available to consumers (in 1954)! While we have more options than ever to entertain our children, we should keep in mind that the easy route is not always the healthiest for our children. So let’s make sure that we keep their best interest in mind for a healthy mind and body!

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