Viewing Art

When we think about visual arts for young children, we tend to think about making art.  It’s not only fun for them but can occupy them for significant lengths of time.  But how else can we as parents help engage our children in art?  By viewing it through their eyes.

With your assistance, your child can really begin to experience the exciting world of art.   You can help your son or daughter notice particular aspects about a work of art that they really would not have noticed otherwise.  This type of adult intervention is critical at this young age to steer the child toward observing and appreciating aesthetic works.  By viewing art together, it encourages conversations that support the development of visual perception skills and overall aesthetic awareness.

This is also the perfect opportunity to introduce your child to the specialized vocabulary of art.  By speaking to your child about specific art objects, it not only nurtures their interest in the world of art but also helps build their literacy skills from a young age.  They will be motivated to enquire about the object’s composition and origins.  They will want to know who created it, where it was created, and how it was created.

When you help your child develop a more personal connection to art at a young age, you will encourage them to cultivate an interest in the arts.  By experiencing the world of art together, you can really make a difference in the development of your child’s visual and literacy skills.

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