Your Child’s Career in Music and Entertainment

If you are looking to take your talented child to stardom, don’t go it alone, according to top entertainment lawyer, Disneymania producer, former artist manager and author, Steven C. Beer, who has guided the careers of Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and Britney Spears, among his superstar clientele — including newest 20 million viral sensation, Merideth GraceIn his definitive guide, YOUR CHILD’S CAREER IN MUSIC AND ENTERTAINMENT: The Prudent Parent’s Guide from Start to Stardom (Allworth Press), Beer offers a forward planning guide for nurturing a young person’s talent and guiding them along entertainment’s uncertain path to success.

In the time of THE VOICE’s mega television success and the need to keep a global audience well fed with more talent, new and talented children are always in demand, usually with supportive parents in tow.  For those parents, now comes a bridge, the how-to source for stardom, in the new must-read survival guide (and gold standard) for cultivating a young person’s entertainment career. 

“Talent is one thing,” states Beer.  “But navigating the music and entertainment industry is another.”

Organized in a practical question-and-answer format, YOUR CHILD’S CAREER IN MUSIC AND ENTERTAINMENT raises and addresses many of the issues parents encounter when seeking to turn their children’s creative passion and talent into a sustainable career in entertainment.


As the digital entertainment universe has evolved and platforms like YouTube have emerged, discovering talent has never been easier — creating a fervent demand for even more talent.  All the more reason why Beer’s YOUR CHILD’S CAREER IN MUSIC AND ENTERTAINMENT is a must-read survival guide for youngsters entering show business.

Along with the digital media explosion, the number of children with dreams of stardom has also grown exponentially.  But how does a parent unfamiliar with this very complex industry become her child’s partner, collaborator, and, most importantly, protector?

As an entertainment lawyer, Beer knows his way around showbiz — his bankable gold standard insight for young talent is now offered in his book, YOUR CHILD’S CAREER IN MUSIC AND ENTERTAINMENT.  A guide giving parents expert vision, comprehension and discernment into:

  • Knowing which professionals to consult and when.
  • Finding and preparing for auditions.
  • Dealing with the financial aspects of the industry.
  • Understanding statutory and regulatory legal protections for children.
  • Creating balance for the whole family.
  • Maintaining a child’s health and happiness in the midst of the volatile and stressful entertainment industry.

In YOUR CHILD’S CAREER IN MUSIC AND ENTERTAINMENT, Beer draws on his extensive experience and industry contacts, as he quotes personal stories of industry players, stars, their parents, and veteran sources.

Beer concentrates his law practice on film, television and music matters.  He represents industry-leading music and film production, film finance, and film distribution companies and serves as counsel to numerous award-winning writers, directors, producers, and multi-platinum musical artists.

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